Turning Impossible Habits into Daily Routines

Focused on the complete and whole well-being of individuals, addressing all aspects of a healthy life, including physical, mental, and emotional.

Toshi San is about a wide and global approach to health and well-being.

Our mission is to collectively promote the integral well-being of people, addressing the key aspects of a healthy life, including physical, mental, and emotional. We work to provide solutions and resources that empower individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We envision promoting group interaction by encouraging the practice of healthy habits. We strive to be a reference in inspiring positive change in people's lives.

GRUPOS 360° online GROUPS

A modern methodology that came to stay!

Weekly group meetings guided by professionals. Taking care of your health has never been easier, saving time and resources and being able to connect from anywhere through your smartphone. During the meetings, the necessary contents and tools are provided to be able to move towards a healthy life in an harmonious and pleasant way. You will have the support of a group of people with the same goals and the help of professionals at all times.


A healthy virtual game, which scores points with real life actions such as hydration, nutrition and physical exercise.

Allowing to acquire a collective commitment that will lead to the development of a healthy life. Through the interaction, the members will generate synergy, quickly building the strength of the group.

On the other hand, the daily register generates statistics, allowing the user to have access to graphics and information.


We can find many types of information, from weekly summaries to quarterly, half-yearly and annual statistics.

Will be represented with the colors of a traffic light, the degree of intensity of physical activity, the quality of food and the amount of water consumption.

In parallel, we will have access to the historical record of our weight, allowing us to visualize its evolution through a graph.